We are able to print on all materials such as polyester, stretch, cotton and leather. We make prints on top-quality clothing from leading brands. We offer a huge selection of sportswear in our store, as well as make prints on clothes provided by the customer.


Printing with flex, flock and special foils

Flex and flock foils are foils that can be successfully used on all types of textiles: cotton, polyester, elastane and other materials. The foils are transferred to the material using high temperature, thanks to which the prints are extremely durable. This technique is great for mapping single-color designs. It is an interesting method of marking, alternative to embroidery and other techniques.

Washing temperature: up to 60 degrees.

Smooth, very soft to the touch, flexible foil. Printouts are characterized by a very high durability.

Washing temperature: up to 60 degrees.

Foil with a nice fluff. It has a delicate suede structure to the touch.

Washing temperature: up to 40 degrees.

Decorative flex foils with various effects: Glitter foils, foils imitating gold and silver, reflective foils, perforated, 3D and others.

Washing temperature: up to 40 degrees.

Sublimation is a method of marking bright polyester materials. Most often, this method is used for printing sports clothing: T-shirts, tops, sweatshirts, as well as accessories, e.g. pillows. The print is imperceptible to the touch and permanently penetrates the structure of the material, thanks to which it is very durable. Perfectly reproduces multicolored photos and graphics.